Select Dealer Opportunity

Become a StollerUSA Select Dealer and leverage your ability to deliver new technologies and advanced plant performance products to your customers.

New Market Opportunities

Progressive growers are continually looking for products and business partners that can help increase yields and profitability. Advances in plant growth hormones (PGRs), seed treatments and plant hormone-based products are creating opportunities for the sale of new products that can help growers achieve higher yields, amp up plants, provide a strong return-on-investment plus fit the way growers want to farm.

Stoller technology and products allow you, as a StollerUSA Select Dealer, to produce positive changes in germination, stand strength, vegetative productivity; grain fill and quality; fruit set uniformity and quality; maturation and yield. Stoller products can help grow your business as they allow you to provide added value to your grower customers.

Benefits of Being a StollerUSA Select Dealer

Get Closer to the Grower

A StollerUSA Select Dealer is dedicated to helping their growers maximize the genetic expression of their crops. When used in combination with good crop nutrition and farming practices, Stoller products have been proven to optimize plant growth by maintaining appropriate plant hormone balance and activity. The result is enhanced marketable yield, improved stress tolerance and ROI.

By partnering with StollerUSA, you are partnering with a company that is the world leader in development and sales of products to maximize genetic expression of plants.

Become a Select Dealer

For more information about becoming a StollerUSA Select Dealer, call Maday Gonzalez at 713-329-0323 or email today with your contact information so one our sales support team members can contact you.