It’s Not Too Late to Save Your Crops from Saltwater Damage

Saltwater Damage Recovery

The torrential rains of Hurricane Matthew have battered the coastal areas of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Excess sodium from salt water can cause rapid root decline in plants and damage the short- and long-term soil bioactivity in many specialty crops including ornamental plants, citrus crops, pasture grasses, golf courses and landscapes. Correcting salt damage and rebuilding damaged crops or turf, assess damage and provide sound recommendations.

How High Salt Concentrations Impact Your Crops

When salt concentrations in the soil are high, the movement of water from the soil to the root is slowed down. When the salt concentrations in the soil are higher than inside the root cells, the soil will draw water from the root, and the plant will wilt and die.

Rebuild and Save Your Crops with Stoller

It will be months before the full economic impact of Hurricane Matthew is felt, but growers can take steps now to address and appraise damage. Our damage assessment and audit teams are on-call to survey and develop action plans for stressed and damaged acreage.

Stoller’s Nitro Plus™ Reverses Excess Sodium Damage

Stoller’s Nitro Plus can save crops from salt water and damage caused by excess sodium in the soil. Nitro Plus helps crops offset the effects of salty soils by correcting salt damage and rebuilding the growth of damaged crops.

Nitro Plus contains a blend of amine nitrogen, calcium and magnesium to quickly restore balance in plants affected by seawater damage. This combination replaces the sodium left by seawater and helps restore the soil.

  • Amine nitrogen is rapidly absorbed by the roots for fast root and plant growth. It stays where you put it, so it is less prone to leaching than nitrate nitrogen.
  • Calcium displaces sodium in the soil, reduces the electrical conductivity (EC) of the soil solution and restores tilth and life to the system.

Two applications may be necessary—an initial, followed by a second about five days later. Call a Stoller representative to understand the right application for you.

Get Your Field Assessment for Saltwater Damage

Stoller can provide counsel to assist retailers, growers, golf course superintendents, landscape operators and other producers in saltwater-damaged areas.

We are standing by to help you in your area.

With a strong presence in the Southeast and a facility in Eustis, Florida, Stoller has technical support and resources available to assist in recovery. Representatives can perform an audit of your saltwater-affected crops or turf to assess damage and provide sound recommendations.

Contact Chris Wilson, Stoller regional zone manager, at 346-221-1391 for more information.