Controlling Growth and Appearance of Fairway Grass on Golf Courses


During the summer, when there may not be the appropriate amount of rain or the normal temperatures are too high, it is very difficult to control the growth and the color of fairway grass.  This is a common problem on all golf courses.


During poor growing condition, the plants do not have the proper balance of hormones that can allow normal growth. For instance, the dark green color of the grass is controlled by the hormone called ABA. This is also the same hormone that gives drought tolerance to fairway grass, or any other plant. When one applies the nitrate form of nitrogen, the plant tends to maintain a lighter green color and becomes more susceptible to drought. Of course, nitrogen is needed to grow grass. The problem occurs when the grass is under stress.


Apply Root Mass 20/20  to the fairway grass foliage at the rate of 1 pint to 2 pints per acre, (or every 40,000 sq ft) every 2 weeks.  This will tend to keep the hormones in the plant in a more proper balance and create a greener color.

The greatest difference will be seen when the grass is under very stressed conditions. One should be able to see the difference after approximately 12 days after the first foliar application of Bio-Forge to the grass.  An excessive amount of water does nto need to be sprayed as a carrier.  Normally 15 to 20 gallons per acre should be enough.

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