Fall Seed Treatments Help Build a Strong Foundation for Spring

When it’s time to plant wheat and other fall-seeded crops, soil depleted by previous plantings can present issues such as limited soil-available nutrients and limiting moisture conditions. Fall seed treatments help offset these conditions.

Fall seed treatments have crucial results:

  • Promote fast, even emergence (key issues will vary by environment).
  • Produce a larger, more efficient root system.
  • Increase fall tillering.
  • Help ensure strong, healthy plants as winter approaches.

And using multiple modes of action enhances plant health and performance even more.

Treating Wheat Seed Gives Plants a Head Start

Bio-Forge® ST and Stimulate™ Yield Enhancer help build that strong foundation. Used together, they:

  • Provide an even greater increase in root growth than they do individually.
  • Showed an average fall tillering increase of 64.8% at three site locations.
  • Produced an average 10.2-bushel yield advantage across trial locations.

Bio-Forge ST:

  • Enhances seedling emergence and ensures early root development.
  • Protects young plants from stress—including stress associated with waterlogged or cold spring soil.
  • Ensures continuous new root growth for efficient nitrogen and other nutrient uptake.

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Stimulate Yield Enhancer:

  • Enhances cell division, root growth and nutrient utilization.
  • Helps deliver increased root mass and improved stress resistance.
  • Is compatible with most herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.

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In addition, after planting, consider the benefits of X-Tra™ Power:

  • Supplies essential micronutrients to promote early-season growth.
  • Promotes early root development and plant vigor.
  • Increases energy transfer, improves sugar movement and strengthens resistance to disease and stress.

Don't fail at fall. Invest in seed treatments now for increased yields and profits in spring.

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