Start Winter Wheat Off Right

Start Winter Wheat Off Right

Improve germination, drive early seedling growth and increase seedling vigor by applying Stimulate Yield Enhancer to wheat seed before planting. Adding Stimulate Yield Enhancer to a seed treatment program is easy and produces more uniform germination and emergence plus accelerates root and plant development to start seedlings off strong.

Stimulate Yield Enhancer’s patented formulation has the ideal ratio of three key growth hormones — cytokinin, gibberellic acid and indole-3-buytric acid — in a 2:1:1 ratio. This patented ratio allows growers to apply less yet yield more, improving ROI, reducing the impact of early season stress and improving return-on-investment.

Increase Yield

Stimulate Yield Enhancer has reliably demonstrated its ability increase yield and improve plant performance in numerous corn, soybean and wheat trials. Trials of winter wheat seed treated with Stimulate Yield Enhancer have yielded, on average, 3.2 bushels more per acre than untreated seed.

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