Maintain profitability and productivity in a challenging crop year

Find your strongest defenses against Mother Nature

“Even though growing conditions have caused a lot of plant development issues, there’s still time to address them in order to maintain productivity and profitability,” says John Fisher, research and development representative for StollerUSA. 

Excessive rain, wet fields and even dry conditions in some areas are resulting in plant development and health issues for many growers this season. Fisher explains that despite stressful and less than ideal growing conditions, growers can help crop development and preserve yield potential.

“This is probably one of the most difficult crop years I've seen as far as far as moisture – lack of moisture and too much moisture,” explained Fisher.  Read full article here to learn what Fisher recommends to protect your crop's yield potential.  

If you are experiencing crop development issues and need a solution to maintain profitability and productivity during this difficult year, reach out to a StollerUSA representative near you to learn about the products that will work with your unique operation.