The StollerUSA Benchmark Program is a sound ROI-driven approach for better performance from every acre.

The program addresses issues across a diverse crop set to provide hormone/nutrient synergy. The products in the program offer ease of use and convenient handling to provide practical and economical solutions for growers.

  1. Dependable ROI – Maintaining hormone balance from germination through maturity is key to unlocking more genetic potential. Ensuring hormone balance throughout the entire growing season will help increase plant performance with less fertilizer, water and pesticides to increase yield, quality and ROI.
  2. Ingredients for top-end yields – Contest-winning yields are made by selecting top-performing genetics and maximizing their potential. The key to success for many growers’ record-breaking yields has been Stoller products to help maximize a plant’s genetic potential.
  3. Stronger, more productive plants – Growers see the difference optimum plant growth can mean all season long from fast emergence, more vigor, thicker roots, stronger stalks and greener plants to more yield in the hopper.
  4. For the way you farm – Benchmark Program products complement existing farming practices and can be quickly and easily integrated. They are excellent tank-mix partners and can be applied as a seed treatment, in furrow or as a foliar spray.

For more information download: StollerUSA Benchmark Program.