TOP COP with Sulfur

TOP COP with Sulfur is a formulation of tribasic copper sulfate and micronized, flowable sulfur.

Tribasic copper sulfate is insoluble in the formulation and as applied. In the field, the fine particles of elemental sulfur gradually combine with oxygen in the air to form sulfate. The sulfate on the leaf surface creates a mild acid that dissolves the tribasic copper sulfate into the soluble copper ion needed to kill bacteria and fungi. Because the soluble copper is released gradually, TOP COP with Sulfur does not burn the leaf.

• When applied at 2 qts/A, TOP COP with Sulfur delivers three pounds of sulfur and 8 oz of tribasic copper sulfate to the crop.

• Consistently produces higher yields and milling quality.

Diseases Controlled

• Blast
• Brown Leaf Spot
• Narrow Brown Leaf Spot
• Stem Rot
• Leaf Smut
• Brown Bordered Leaf and Sheath Spot
• Sheath Blight
• Panicle Blight

Features and Benefits:

Sulfur mediated controlled release of copper ion protects plant leaves without burning them.
No leaf burn, not phytotoxic. Extends disease control, continues to release soluble copper between spray intervals.

Natural, non-synthetic pesticide.
Exempt from pre-harvest interval restrictions.

Oxidized sulfur is an insect irritant and miticide.
Sulfur fumes increase insect activity in the canopy to improve contact with insecticide so insecticides are more effective.

Contains 6.0 pounds of sulfur/gal.
Sulfur is an essential nutrient required for protein synthesis and for plant health and yield quality.

Contains 4.4% copper/gal.
Copper is an essential enzyme cofactor required for plant health and yield quality.

Sulfur is a broad spectrum fungicide.
Avoids selection for resistant pathogens and suppresses secondary infections.

Copper is a broad spectrum bactericide.
Avoids selection for resistant pathogens and suppresses secondary infections.

Effective alone or in combination with highly specific, synthetic pesticides.
Fungicide ‘combinations’ (e.g. TOP COP with Sulfur + Quadris®) avoid the selection of resistant pathogens and thereby extend the useful life of synthetic pesticides. Quadris is a registered trademark of Syngenta Group Co.

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