Root Feed II

Contains N, Ca, Mg and B to increase root vigor, disease resistance, flowering, fruit quality and crop development.

What it does

  • Promotes continuous root growth 
  • Enhances lateral branching of roots
  • Increases number of fruiting points
  • Helps decrease soil salinity and soil compaction problems

What that means

  • Less rank vegetative growth
  • More prolific reproductive growth
  • Increased sugar production and movement
  • Large, more uniform fruit growth

Application timing

  • Deciduous trees, berries and vines: Start applications before green tissue appears and continue until two weeks after harvest
  • Tropical trees: Begin three weeks before flower buds appear and continue until three weeks after harvest or desired maturity
  • Annual crops: Begin after seeding or transplanting when plants are well established and continue until harvest complete
  • Once Root Feed II has been applied to a crop, do not stop its use until harvest is over. Any stoppage in use may adversely affect the crop.

A formulation of N, Ca, and Mg using patented N-HIB technology to make roots more vigorous, increase resistance to disease, enhance flowering, storage life, harvested fruiting parts quality and promote even crop development resulting in higher yields. 

Root Feed II is a form of nitrogen which is used to supplement an existing nitrogen program. Users should take into account that Root Feed II contains one pound of nitrogen per gallon.


Root Feed II encourages healthy and robust root systems in plants and proper plant functioning to improve resistance to nematodes, insects and diseases that normally damage a plant’s root growth and yield potential. The vigorous and vegetative growth increases sugar production and movement to create larger, more uniform fruit size.

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