Fruit Power

Promotes cell division in fruitlets and seed, increases fruit retention, promotes uniform sizing and higher quality fruit.

What it does

  • Promotes cell division in fruitlets and seed 
  • Increases retention of fruit
  • Promotes uniform sizing of fruiting parts
  • Reduces physiological disorders 

What that means

  • More fruit
  • Higher quality and more uniform-sized fruit
  • More revenue

Application timing

  • Tree crops – foliar apply after petal fall
  • Vegetables and vine crops – foliar apply every 7 to 14 days when fruit size is 4 to 10 mm

Fruit Power is a foliar-applied formulation of calcium and boron. When these nutrients are deficient during fruit sizing, fruit drop, disproportionate sizing of fruiting parts and physiological disorders resulting in fruit defects may occur. It is nonphytotoxic when used as directed and is completely available and absorbed by the leaf and fruit surface. 

Fruit Power must be applied to small fruiting parts (4 to 10 mm in size) during the cell division period before cell expansion occurs. This application can help to maintain harvested fruiting part quality for storage, shipping and marketing.

For use on: beans, berry crops, citrus, cotton, cucurbits, grapes, nut crops, oranges, peppers, potatoes, strawberries, tomatoes, tree fruit and vine crops.

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