Flower Power

A complex formulation of micronutrients with growth-enhancing cofactors for increasing fruit set and crop yield.

What it does

  • Improves pollination strength during temperature extremes
  • Reduces ethylene level to allow movement of auxin to the flowering part of the plant
  • Improves calcium levels and improves growth
  • Maintains auxin levels in later developing plants
  • Improves physiological properties of fruit


What that means

  • Improved fertilization
  • More flowers 
  • More fruit
  • Reduced ethylene levels 
  • Improved growth

Application timing

  •  Apply at bud swell 
  •  Multiple applications may be required

Flower Power is a complex micronutrient (B, Cu, Mo, Zn) with growth-enhancing cofactors and an antioxidant resulting in increased fruit set and crop yield. Flower Power works to enhance the pollination potential of every flower. Pollination and fruit set can widely vary from year to year. Poor pollination can also be a consequence as plants grow older.

Climate greatly influences the strength of pollination for each flower. As temperatures vary, pollination becomes weaker. Normally, cooler temperatures in the spring are the greatest cause of poor pollination. High temperatures greatly reduce viable flowers in vegetables. 

The hormone which normally dictates the power of pollination is auxin, a hormone produced in the upper part of the plant. Its production is greater when the temperature is approximately 75ºF. 

The application of 3 pints of Flower Power from bud swell until 5% boom, stopping before 10% flowers, should supply sufficient auxin for both the flowers that are present and the developing buds which will become flowers. Flower Power will help to ensure sufficient auxin in each flower for stronger pollination during temperature extremes.


A follow-up application of Fruit Power will ensure adequate cell division to maintain the new fruit.

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