White Label Calcium

Foliar- or soil-applied micronutrient that’s completely available for absorption by leaves and roots.

What it does

  • Completely available and absorbed by leaf and root systems
  • Aids in forming compounds that are part of cell walls
  • Strengthens plant structures
  • Activates number of regulating enzyme systems
  • Improves rhizobia bacteria capability to fix nitrogen

What that means

  • Improved disease resistance
  • Neutralization of organic acids in plants
  • Enhanced conversion of nitrate N into forms needed for protein formation

Application timing

  • Soil or foliar application
  • Refer to product label for specific directions for specific crops

White Label Calcium plays an important role in enhancing cell wall development, especially in the roots. Plants deficient in calcium can suffer from weak or "leaky" roots. Calcium acts as a "buffer" against the acids used by disease organisms. 

It is compatible with most insecticides, fungicides, foliar nutrients and herbicides. It can be applied in existing spray programs.

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