Formulation of Ca and B to maintain structural strength and health of leaf and fruit cells and support root production.

What it does

  • Enhances strength and health of leaf/fruit cells and fruit characteristics
  • Improves root production
  • Promotes fruit firmness
  • Reduces the effects of fruit aging on the tree or vine
  • Slows pulp softening during storage

What that means

  • Increased marketable yield 
  • Improved fruit quality
  • Better formation of seed
  • Increased fruit flavor
  • Improved fruit retention 
  • Longer storage and/or shelf-life 

Application timing

  • Designed for foliar application and can be mixed with some fertilizers and pesticides
    • Refer to product label for specific directions for specific crops 

SETT is formulated from calcium and boron and specifically designed to maintain the structural strength and health of leaf and fruit cells. 

The impact on quality of calcium and boron in plants cannot be replaced by other elements. An imbalance in these two elements weakens the cell walls of the plant and increases the risk of fruit failure. 


Calcium is the structural component of the cell while boron stabilizes the action of calcium. Where there is an abundance of calcium, boron overload is never a problem. The free radicals that lead to fruit breakdown are minimized by the coaction of calcium and boron.

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