CaB'y Plus

Foliar-applied calcium and boron to correct fruit and vegetable physiological disorders plus improve quality and storage.

What it does

  • Corrects physiological disorders 
  • Supplements plants with auxin 
  • Increases the quality of fruit 
  • Prevents the abortion and fall of flowers and fruits
  • Increases the quality of fruit 

What that means

  • Increased pollen tub growth 
  • Improved fruit set
  • Increased yield
  • More revenue

Application timing 

  • To correct physiological disorders: Apply 1 to 2 qt/A starting two to three weeks after full bloom and continue at two-week intervals until harvest. 
  • To improve fruit quality/storage: Apply 1 gal/A about 21 days before anticipated harvest. For varieties that are known to have quality and storage problems, add 1 qt/A of Calcium 5X in each spray.
  • Refer to product label for specific directions for specific crops 

Finish off crops with weekly sprays of CaB'y Plus before harvest for better storage and shelf life.

Calcium deficiencies often occur in fruit because calcium does not translocate well into the fruit when maturing. Consequently, repeat application of sprays containing calcium will help to increase the calcium in the fruit and avoid such physiological diseases. 

All fruit increases in ethylene content as it matures. The rate of ethylene accumulation in fruit increases rapidly near harvest. If harvest is delayed, the levels of ethylene may destroy the fruit quality, shelf life and storability. 

The ingredients in CaB’y Plus can decrease ethylene levels in fruit when applied 20 days pre- harvest. Continuous application until harvest will keep ethylene in fruit at lower levels than normal. In order to suppress post-harvest problems, it is necessary to suppress ethylene pre-harvest. Problems with ethylene are more severe under stress condition, which occur 20 days before harvest.

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