Nitro Plus 9 CA

A liquid form of nitrogen formulated for California growers containing amine nitrogen and calcium.

What it does

  • Increases efficiency of photosynthesis
  • Improves chlorophyll production
  • Strengthens plant structures

What that means

  • Improved plant growth, vegetative development and reproduction
  • Enhanced plant vigor and health
  • Helps balance organic acids within the plant
  • Increased yield

Application timing

  • Refer to product label for specific directions for specific crops

Nitro Plus 9 CA is a liquid form of nitrogen with added calcium formulated for California growers. It contains amine nitrogen and calcium. The amine nitrogen is inhibited from changing to ammonia. The percentage of growth from Nitro Plus 9 CA exceeds any other commercial form of nitrogen.

Calcium protects the plant against stress while developing strong cell walls for increased quality. Growers experience fewer post-harvest storage problems and extended shelf life. University research has shown significant yield increases in various crops.

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