Harvest More Urea Mate 5-10-27

Increase marketable yield

What it does

  • Enhances growth and development of crops, vegetables, lawns, golf courses and turf
  • Delivers a dry soluble formulation of N, P and K to correct nutritional deficiencies
  • Provides higher supplemental levels of B, Co, Cu, Mn, Mo and Zn micronutrients than common soluble fertilizers
  • Mixes easily in the tank and with most pesticides commonly applied to vegetable crops

What that means

  • Reduced impact from environmental stress conditions
  • Increased sugar transfer from leaves to developing fruit or storage tissue
  • Improved nutrient absorption and uptake by roots
  • Better movement of nutrients throughout the plant
  • Use of urea as a nitrogen source will not interfere with pH of Harvest more Urea Mate
  • Increased tolerance to stress
  • Improved quality and shelf life

Application timing

  • Foliar spray or irrigation

Harvest More™ Urea Mate is a soluble fertilizer crystal having an acid pH allowing it to be used with most fungicides and insecticides to increase the performance of the various products in which it is mixed. It will also acidify the irrigation water so that it will inhibit the buildup of carbonates in both the irrigation emitters and the oil around the plant roots for enormous agronomic advantage.

It has a micronutrient level nearly 100 times higher than the micronutrient levels in most soluble fertilizers. It is the only product that contains high levels of both calcium and magnesium ─ two nutrients important in the control of stress. Harvest More Urea Mate is also very high in potash ─ the nutrient that is very closely related to sugar movement from the leaves to the developing fruit or storage tissue on any plant. The values of the secondary and micronutrients in Harvest More Urea Mate are three times the value of the nutrients contained in the nitrogen, phosphate and potash nutrient value.

This product contains boron and its use on any crop other than those listed on the label may result in serious injury to the crop. Additionally, this product contains molybdenum and the application of fertilizers with molybdenum may result in forage crops containing levels of molybdenum which are toxic to ruminant animals.

Do not use with dinitro compounds, Bordeaux, spray lime or highly alkaline spray materials.

Always read and follow label directions.

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