Micro Plus Iron

Complex iron micronutrient for soil and foliar application that is readily available and rapidly absorbed.

What it does

  • Enhances chlorophyll formation
  • Improves oxygen-carrying capacity of root nodules of legumes 

What that means

  • Healthier and more robust plant growth
  • More efficient use of plant energy
  • Increased nitrogen availability for legume crops

Application timing

  • Soil application: Can be incorporated in liquid fertilizer or applied separately
  • Dry fertilizer: Can be applied to dry fertilizer to control dust and supply iron
  • Foliar: Add to a tank mix

Micro Plus Iron is a complex micronutrient formulated to be used in Stoller liquid fertilizers (i.e., Nitro Plus, Folizyme, etc.) and nitrogen solutions. When used with polyphosphate-containing fertilizers, it should be diluted with nitrogen solution before addition. Broadcast or row applications are acceptable, although greater efficiency may be expected from row applications.

Micronutrient deficiencies usually occur when plants are small; therefore, micronutrients should be added to the fertilizer at or before planting.

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