Root Feed Supplement

Unique form of Cu, Mg and Zn micronutrients for application through irrigation systems to increase root vigor. 

What it does

  • Makes roots more vigorous
  • Provides supplemental macronutrients – Cu, Mg, Zn 

What that means

  • Increased plant resistance to disease and insects
  • Enhanced enzyme systems regulating early growth (Cu, Zn)
  • Improved photosynthesis (Mg)

Application timing

  • Apply 1 to 2 pt/A every 7 to 14 days through irrigation water as needed

Root Feed Supplement is a unique formulation of micronutrients (Cu, Mg and Zn) that can be applied through irrigation systems to supplement a root feeding program. It is intended as a supplement to a regular fertilization program and will not, by itself, provide all the nutrients that may be required by crops.  

It helps enhance the plant’s enzyme systems that regulate early growth, improves photosynthesis and makes roots more vigorous thereby increasing their resistance to insects and disease.

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