Calcium 5X

Specially formulated calcium nutrient that is highly available to the plant to reduce plant stress for increased yield.

What it does

  • Temporarily relieves plant stress
  • Reduces fruit and flower shedding

What that means

  • Optimized fruit development and quality
  • Increased yield

Application timing

  • Transplanting and seedbed: Use 2 qts/A as a root dip and watering solution when transplanting or for seedbed treatment at seeding
  • Seed treatment: Dilute 4 ounces in an equal amount of water and mist spray on 100 pounds of seed while mixing. Can be poured/ mixed on seed in the hopper box at planting.

Calcium 5X is water soluble and suitable for use in conventional liquid applicator systems. Calcium 5X is a specially formulated calcium nutrient so it is highly available to the plant. It offers the added benefit of Stoller’s cofactors.

Plant stress is usually caused by a dysfunctional root system due to flooding, drought, or disease. Adequate calcium levels allow plants to cope under stress conditions, enhancing the potential for optimal fruit development and quality. 

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