Avoid limiting yield potential

What it does

  • Essential for the production of auxins (essential plant hormones) which help with growth regulation
  • Activates enzymes in protein synthesis
  • Helps in regulation and consumption of sugars
  • Influences rate of seed and stalk maturation
  • Helps plant withstand cold temperatures

What that means

  • Improved chlorophyll formation for greener and healthier plants
  • Reduced stunted plant growth and chlorosis
  • Increased number of tillers
  • Enhanced early plant growth and development
  • Improved growth during cool temperatures
  • Increased nutrient uptake and plant development
  • Improved yield and quality


  • In-furrow, irrigation (fertigation) or in 2 x 2 side dress with liquid fertilizers
  • Sprayed onto soil surface and tilled into soil
  • Foliar by ground or low-volume aerial application
  • Impregnated onto granular fertilizer

MIXRITE® Zn is a fully EDTA-chelated soluble powder that can be mixed with a wide range of liquid fertilizers and crop protection products. It can be applied to all agricultural, horticultural, turf and ornamental crops that require and respond to nutritional supplements.

Always read and follow label directions.

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