Keylate Magnesium

Capture sun’s energy for growth and production

What it does

  • Activates more enzyme systems than any other nutrient
  • Enhances phosphate metabolism and plant respiration
  • Helps regulate uptake of other essential nutrients and micronutrients
  • Aids nitrogen fixation in legume nodules
  • Facilitates transport of sugar and starches within plant

What that means

  • Greener and heathier plants
  • Increased conversion of sunlight in plant energy
  • Better resistance to unfavorable growing conditions
  • Improved synthesis of amino acids and cell proteins
  • Increased uptake of nutrients and plant development
  • Increase yield and quality

Application timing

  • Soil and foliar spray application

Keylate micronutrients are chelates with low corrositivity that are rapidly absorbed by the root system or foliage because of their chelating complex. They have strong, consistent chelation bond strength across all cation nutrients and have a very low salt index. Keylate products are compatible with foliar- or soil-applied crop protection products and fertilizers.

While soils supply varying amounts of magnesium naturally, the supply of magnesium in the soil has been depleted in many areas due to continued intensive cropping without magnesium fertilization. Growers are noticing yield responses to adding supplemental magnesium.

Keylate® Magnesium is formulated to be used in fertilizer solutions. Broadcast or row applications are acceptable, although greater efficiency may be expected from row applications. Micronutrient deficiencies usually occur when plants are small, thus micronutrients should be added to fertilizer applications at or before planting. Foliar fertilization is intended as a supplement to a regular fertilization program and will not by itself provide all the nutrients normally needed by an agricultural crop.

Always read and follow label directions.

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