Keylate CoMo Classic

Stimulate nitrogen fixation

What it does

  • Delivers higher levels of Co and Mo than Keylate CoMo for soils low in cobalt and molybdenum
  • Helps convert nitrates into amino acids within legumes
  • Essential for growth of rhizobium, the specific bacteria involved legume nodulation and fixation of atmospheric nitrogen into amino acids and proteins.
  • Improves nodulation and nitrogen fixation
  • Lowers presence of nitrites and nitrates in plant tissues

What that means

  • Increased nitrogen-fixation in legumes
  • Larger yield potential
  • Improved grain and fruit set

Application timing

  • Seed treatment, in-furrow or foliar spray application

Keylate micronutrients are chelates with low corrositivity that are rapidly absorbed by the root system or foliage because of their chelating complex. They have strong, consistent chelation bond strength across all cation nutrients and have a very low salt index. Keylate products are compatible with foliar- or soil-applied crop protection products and fertilizers.

Cobalt and molybdenum are necessary for stimulating nitrogen fixation by rhizobium bacteria in the nodules of legumes. Many times the growth response to molybdenum may be limited by the levels of cobalt. Together, these two micronutrients affect the total amount of nitrogen supplied to the plant.

Keylate® CoMo Classic is recommended for all legumes and other plants that obtain nitrogen by fixation from the atmosphere. Symbiotic microbial nitrogen-fixation systems require cobalt and molybdenum for nitrogen fixation. It is formulated to provide completely soluble cobalt and molybdenum to germinating seed or the leaf for rapid absorption and distribution throughout the plant.

Within 10 days of planting, soybeans from seed treated with Keylate CoMo Classicmay exhibit micronutrient shock and subsequent short-term yellowing as rhizobium bacteria infect roots and begin forming nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

Always read and follow label directions.

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