Enhance pollination ● Improve grain fill

What it does

  • Delivers cytokinin — a key plant hormone to up-regulate genes associated with sugar transport and increasing sugars in the reproductive parts of the plant
  • Triggers and increases cell division
  • Creates thicker cell walls more resistant to breakdown
  • Improves pollination and flowering — especially during high temperatures
  • Produces more cells for denser grain

What that means

  • Increased fertility
  • Denser grain for higher test weight
  • Reduced grain/fruit abortion
  • Increased tillers on tillering crops
  • Optimum pollen strength
  • Higher and better quality yields

Application timing

X-Cyte™ can be applied alone as a foliar spray or mixed and applied with most fungicides.

Apply 16 oz/A once, or a split application of 8 oz/A twice.

Corn — if once, at V4 to V6; if split, V4 to V6 then V16 to VT
Cotton — if once, at pinhead square; repeat application at 10- to 14-days
Rice — if once, at 2nd leaf stage; if split, 2nd to 3rd leaf stage, then 5th leaf stage
Sorghum — if once, at 2nd to 5th leaf stage; if split, 2nd to 5th leaf stage, then 6th to 12th leaf stage
Soybeans — if once, at V3 to V4; if split, then V3 to V4, then R1 to R2
Wheat — if once, at tillering; if split, tillering , then boot at boot stage (Feekes 10)

Always read and follow label instructions.

X-Cyte is a stable, EPA-registered plant growth regulator and yield stimulant containing a key plant growth hormone – cytokinin. X-Cyte ensures more carbohydrate storage capacity for enhanced uniformity, density, quality and yield. Additionally, X-Cyte helps plants produce grain and fruit with higher density to increase final quality and yield.

High temperatures (above 87°F for corn, 85°F for soybeans, and 68°F for wheat) during pollination and flowering can cause a loss of production, yields and profits. Even in good growing seasons, a short period of high heat conditions at the critical pollination point can significantly reduce yields. An early application of X-Cyte can help produce larger, higher quality yields.

X-Cyte is also effective in supplementing root hormones for cell division in plants where the root system needs to be reestablished due to severe stress, for normal growth of new roots, leaves, seed, storage tissue or fruit.

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