Stimulate Yield Enhancer

Enhance cell division ● Boost root growth ● Improve nutrient utilization

Ideal ratio of three key growth hormones in a 2:1:1 ratio of cytokinin, gibberellic acid and indole-3-butyric acid in a high quality, patented formulation to enhance cell division, differentiation and enlargement, boost root growth and improve nutrient utilization.

The right hormone ratio is critical for consistent performance. 

What it does

  • Enhances cell enlargement and cell differentiation
  • Improves seed germination
  • Improves root architecture
  • Accelerates plant development
  • Increases physiological efficiency
  • Improves resistance to insects and disease
  • Reduces phytotoxicity

What that means

  • Faster and improved germination
  • Stronger seedling and plant vigor
  • Better root growth
  • Increased nodule development in legumes
  • Improved tolerance to stress and high temps
  • Delayed leaf senescence
  • Increased growth (biomass weight)
  • Higher yields

Stimulate Yield Enhancer contains the signaling molecules that enable optimal plant functioning. It’s a high-quality formulation that determines the length of time the active ingredients remain effective to maintain vigorous plant growth. Stimulate Yield Enhancer has the optimal concentrations of gibberellin (GA), auxin (IBA) and cytokinin in a patented 2:1:1 ratio ideal for triggering plant growth and accompanying yield characteristics with no risk of injury to plants.

 Application timing

Stimulate Yield Enhancer offers flexible application options to increase plant performance and yield through all stages of growth. It can be applied as a seed treatment, in-furrow with a starter fertilizer and as a foliar spray with herbicides and fungicides. It is tank mix compatible with most plant protection products.

 Always read and follow label directions.


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