Stoller Grow

Stoller® Grow provides essential nutrients to support vigor during both normal growing conditions and under environmental stress conditions. It is rapidly absorbed by the plant because of its proprietary chelating complex. Stoller Grow is also tank-mix compatible with most fungicides and herbicides.

What It Does

  • Enhances conditions for better plant growth
  • Delivers catalytic minerals with amines to manage stress
  • Compatible with most herbicides and fungicides

What That Means

  • More efficient utilization of growing degree days, converting solar energy into yield
  • Higher tolerance to environmental stressors like drought/flood, heat/cold, chemicals, pollution and other challenges to stable, sustained metabolism
  • Greater yield potential


  • Stoller Grow’s easy-to-use formulation is designed for tank-mixing with post-emergent herbicide applications and is compatible with most pesticides on the market today.
  • Apply 8 to 16 ounces per acre per application, may apply every 7 to 21 days via irrigation, in-furrow, side dress or foliar sprays
  • Can be applied to row crops, vegetable crops, fruit and nut crops, and field grown nursery stock

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