Liquid Moly

Stoller's Liquid Moly is a soil, seed, in-furrow, or foliar-applied micronurent and is non-phytotoxic when used as directed.

For soil application, Liquid Moly can be incorporated in liquid fertilizer or applied separately. Liquid Moly can be impregnated onto dry fertilizer or mixed into liquid fertilizer.

Liquid Moly can also be applied as a seed treatment. Ensure even coverage for best results. Liquid Moly can be combined with other seed treatment products.

For in-furrow application, apply Liquid Moly can be incorporated into liquid starter fertilizer solution, or can be applied in water. Liquid Moly can also be impregnated onto dry starter fertilizer to provide needed micronutrients to crops.

For foliar spray application:

  • Vegetables and Fruit Crop
  • Field Crops
  • Tree and Vine Crops

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