Stimulate Plus

Enhance early plant growth • EPA-registered biostimulant

What it does

  • Promotes cell division, differentiation and enlargement
  • Improves early seedling growth and development
  • Offsets effects of early-season stress
  • Improves hormone balance for optimal plant functioning and enhanced yield
  • Enhances nutrient uptake and utilization

What that means

  • Enhanced germination and early plant growth
  • Improved root growth and development
  • Healthier plants and increased vigor
  • Increased resistance to stress

Application timing

  • Seed treatment, in-furrow at planting or foliar spray
  • Seed treatment – 0.2 to 0.4 oz/CWT of seed

Stimulate™ Plus is a concentrated EPA-registered hormone compound containing the optimum ratio of active ingredients for reliable performance over other products. It that has been used on thousands of acres for a number of years. Research and trials have shown that it can create more than twice the root growth of untreated plants.

Since nutrients are only absorbed through roots of plants that are about 10 days old or less, generating new and increased root growth can increase nutrient uptake by two-fold.

Stimulate Plus helps drive plant growth, creating more efficient plants even under stressful growing conditions. By facilitating increased root growth, downward rooting, seedling vigor and reproductive growth, plants are able to generate larger yields.

Always read and follow label directions. Conduct a “Jar Test” using all products in proper proportion in order to establish physical compatibility.

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