Sugar Mover

Increases sugar transfer ● Promotes higher yields

Sugar Mover™ redirects the flow of sugars in plants from the vegetative parts (leaves) to the fruiting parts of plants. This means significantly improved ear fill in corn, pod fill in beans, and more uniform fruit size and quality in fruit and vine crops as well as better regrowth in alfalfa and increased health and viability in root crops.

Sugar Mover has been formulated to quickly convert nitrate nitrogen into more functional forms of nitrogen in the plant. It is designed to be sprayed on plants to allow roots, fruits and storage tissues to compete as a stronger sink for sugar with the apical meristem tissue. Its use will shorten internodes of the new shoot growth and cause sugar to move from leaves into fruiting parts and roots.

Sugar Mover mixes well with herbicides, fungicides and insecticides and can be included in existing spray programs.

What it does

  • Improves activity for key genes that increase sugar transport from leaves to flowers, ears, seed pods and root storage
  • Efficiently converts nitrate nitrogen into metabolically functional forms
  • Provides efficient sugar movement for quality harvestable seed
  • Reduces excessive vegetative growth due to high nitrate levels

What that means

  • Significantly increased ear and pod fill
  • Enhanced health and viability of roots
  • Increased sugar availability for uniform seed and kernel sizing
  • Tank-mix flexibility that allows for use in existing spray programs

Application timing

  • With foliar sprays prior to and during reproductive stages of growth

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