Foli-Zyme 8-0-3

Stimulates root growth • Increases crop quality • Extends shelf life

What it does

  • Prevents nutrient deficiencies in plants
  • Supplements soil-applied nutrients
  • Boosts root growth and nutrient uptake
  • Ensures nutrient availability for flower and fruit development
  • Tanks mixes with many pesticides, disperses with little agitation

What that means

  • Enhanced root growth and structure
  • Improved plant development, and function
  • Increased yield, crop quality and shelf life
  • Enhanced uptake of soil-applied fertilizers
  • Particularly beneficial where soil nutrients are not readily available

Application timing

  • Field row crops and vegetables: Use row-directed spray starting when crop has 2 to 3 leaves or is 20 days old; continue sprays at 10- to 14-day intervals
  • Solid-seeded field crops: Apply when crop is three inches high and continue on 15-day intervals until crop is within 15 days of harvest
  • Tree, fruits, and nuts – Begin application with delayed dormant spray; spray intervals of 15 days (5 to 6 times annually) is suggested for best results (Avoid periods when fruit is extremely sensitive to spray damage.)

Always read and follow label directions. Be sure to conduct “Jar Test” using all products in proper proportion in order to establish physical compatibility.

Foli-Zyme is a valuable supplement to soil-applied nutrients for improved plant development. It is particularly beneficial under conditions when soil nutrients are not readily available and provides key nutrients at periods of fruit and flower development. Foli-Zyme GA has a pH of 2.0 to 3.5 and will buffer spray tank water. The use of additional buffering agents may result in crop damage.

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