Nitro Plus 9

A liquid form of nitrogen containing amine nitrogen, calcium and magnesium.

What it does

  • Preserves the activity of nitrogen in the soil causing it to last longer
  • Rapidly absorbed by plant
  • Inhibits amine nitrogen from changing to ammonia
  • Improves nitrogen use efficiency
  • Provides a  source of calcium and magnesium to facilitate cell sizing and grain fill

What that means

  • Improves vigorous plant growth, vegetative development and reproduction
  • Amine nitrogen is readily available for quick conversion into protein
  • Is up to two times more efficient than other foliar forms of nitrogen
  • Stronger cell walls for increased quality and better post-harvest storage

Nitro Plus™ 9 is a liquid form of nitrogen containing amine nitrogen, calcium, and magnesium. The amine nitrogen is inhibited from changing to ammonia. The percentage of growth from Nitro Plus 9 exceeds any other commercial form of nitrogen. University research has shown that 100 pounds of nitrogen from Nitro Plus 9 has resulted in yield increases on corn almost equal to 200 pounds of nitrogen from other sources such as urea, ammonium nitrate and nitrogen solution.

While nitrogen increases hormone activity, amine nitrogen does not cause a hormone increase. Calcium protects plants against the production of excess ethylene (caused by nitrogen) during stressful conditions. It also helps develop strong cell walls which increases quality and lessens problems of post-harvest storage and shelf-life.

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