Maximize Genetic Expression

Genetic potential is determined by a plant’s internal DNA structure and is the result of breeding and/or biotechnology. Genetic expression is the physiological manifestation of a plant’s genetic potential and is determined by external factors starting from the time a seed germinates, a bulb or tuber sprouts or when a perennial breaks dormancy.

The combination of genetic potential and expression regulates a plant’s growth patterns, characteristics, yield and quality. On average, it is estimated that growers only harvest about 30% of a plant’s genic potential due to unpredictable and variable external stress factors.

A number of environmental and soil conditions can cause an imbalance between growth hormones and stress hormones within plants and change or weaken the normal flow of sugars within the plant, vegetative growth, root growth, fruiting parts (seed, fruit, tubers) and yield.

Genetic expression products: